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Who's This?

"Who's This?" appears when a call is received from an unknown caller. If not in your contacts, a shortcut to a Google search of the phone number appears as a notification.

Why This Was Made

Before I got my android phone, I would always avoid answering calls from unknown phone numbers. Usually I would let it go to voicemail and find out who it was, or I would look it up online if they didn't leave a message. This application is intended to provide a shortcut to these actions.

Version History
    Version 1
      v1.1.100 - Added button to call from Search Results page.
      v1.1.000 - should fix HTC Incredible issue from comments. Please email me if it doesn't.
      v1.1.001 - fixes reported bugs.
      v1.2.000 - hopefully adds 1.x android versions (please comment in market if you have a problem), adds "call back #" button on search results page.
      v1.2.001 - Removes 1.x android versioning attempt. If you're interested in helping debug for 1.x, please email me and I'll send you v1.2.000.
      v1.3.000 - Another attempt at 1.x android versioning. Also fixed notification bug again.